Like a Virgin Hair Mask – Review

I’m back again testing out more “miracle” hair products! (If you haven’t already read it, here’s my last article on Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner.) Since last time, I have cut my hair short, and decided to give up blow drying and straightening for a bit and embrace my curls (though realistically this is because I’m way too lazy to deal with styling my hair in the heat…). 

Another thing I’ve done differently for this review is I have essentially finished the product, as I wanted to give it time to work its magic over two or three uses. So full disclaimer: I have used it about four times, once a week, for the last four weeks or so. I found a cheaper, smaller version of the product (60 mL) online at around £15. However, given I only used it four times, that’s still around  £3.75 per use, which is very pricey especially for a student budget. 

The packaging is really cute, the product itself is very user friendly and smells amaaaazing (seriously, along with my rose-scented FoB shampoo and conditioner, my hair smells great nearly all week).  It distributes evenly, and has a nice consistency (similar to conditioners or most other hair masks). I usually put on a decent amount of the product after shampooing, towel drying, and brushing my hair, and leave it on for 10-15 minutes (generally whilst doing a face mask at the same time).

When I first used it and styled my hair, I did notice a difference. My hair was sleeker, looked thinner, and was less dry overall. However, the times when I did not heat style my hair, my hair just looked… slightly better. Now I’ve cut my hair short and my curls are more obvious, I feel like the mask’s effects are even less noticeable. 

It’s a nice product. It feels special, and like you’re treating yourself. But honestly, part of me wonders whether maybe the original effects I noticed were more because I’ve been treating my hair better anyway (with the FoB products). I liked the mask, but I’m not prepared to spend a minimum of £15 on a hair mask which is most effective when I use heat. Maybe if my hair was less thick, I’d notice more of a difference. If you’ve got the money, and *always* style your hair with heat, then I’d recommend it. But realistically, this is not a product for the average student budget. 

Quick update on my last hair post: If you hadn’t guessed from reading the above article, I really really like the FoB products. I think they’ve really helped my hair and I’m not looking forward to them running out, so I would recommend them even more than I did previously!!

My hair after using the hair mask for about four weeks (and having been cut a few days before)