Welcome to York Vision!


York Vision was first published in January 1987 and was dubbed a ‘campus revolution’. Led by the first editor, Mark Watts, it became an instant success, although originally it was only 8 pages long. York Vision quickly became known for its exclusive news stories, interviews and anarchic humour. For years, it has been the training ground for many of the country’s most successful journalists, with alumni working on a range of national papers, in television, and in radio.


In 2011, York Vision won the Guardian Student Newspaper of the Year award for the fifth time since 2000, making it the UK’s most awarded student publication. In 2013, York Vision was the only student newspaper in the country to be nominated simultaneously for best student publication and best website at the Guardian Awards. York Vision now consists of a 32-page newspaper and a 16-page entertainment and arts pull-out called Scene. Often additional one-off pull-outs are included, such as Fresh Magazine for the new intake of students to the university and Roses for special coverage of York’s annual sports competition. In October 2009, www.yorkvision.co.uk was relaunched after being offline for some time. At the same time, the paper celebrated its 200th edition since it was founded.
Our current editors are Brooke Davies and Fin Bosworth. Other committee members include:
Managing Director: Maddie Jenkins
Deputy Managing Director: Nick Lunn
Chief Sub-Editor: Lucy Purkis Charters
Online Editor: Jasmine Wells-Dean
Technical Director: Jess Reeve
Deputy Editor: Iwan Stone
Scene Editor: Tasha Croager
Social Media Director: Jasmine Moody
York Vision also has numerous section editors and deputy editors, as well as many contributors who do not hold an elected position at the newspaper. All of our contributors are unpaid and work voluntarily.