Function of Beauty – is it Worth it?

If you’re reading this, then you, like me, have probably been subjected to the many Facebook adverts for this hair company, Function of Beauty. The company claims to sell products 100% personalised to your hair, customized to target specific complaints, and to start your “breakup with drugstore hair care”.

But does it work? Is it worth the £29 to £39 price range? Well lucky for you I have had very little to do since finishing my exams, and a love-hate relationship with my hair, which I decided to put to the test.

I would like to start by giving a brief description of my hair: it is thick, dry, frizzy, and dull. I also have a lot of it, meaning countless years spent forking out loads to try and make it less thick, dry, frizzy, and dull, without having much effect. So I was really excited to try out a product which could potentially be a miracle cure.

The website is a good place to start — it’s fairly minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing. The quiz they give you to determine the formula for your hair is straightforward, the results of mine leading me to a customised anti-frizz, shine, deep conditioning, strengthening, and hydrating product. I also chose pink dye and a rose scent (I am well aware that added colour and perfume is not great, but hey it looks and smells cute).

The products took just under two weeks to arrive, and I couldn’t wait to try it out. 

The shampoo was fairly easy to work with — it took a while to lather up properly as it was sulfate-free (which is a good thing!!) but by the time I repeated the lathering process there was a sizeable amount of foam. It rinsed out easily, and definitely left my hair feeling clean. The conditioner was also user-friendly, I didn’t need much to go a long way (which is definitely saying something with my hair) and it rinsed out well. 

After getting out of the shower, I was under the impression that my hair seemed thinner, almost lighter — though that could have been some kind of placebo effect. By the time I got round to blow drying it a lot of my hair had dried naturally, causing a lot of frizz, albeit feeling silkier and softer than usual. It definitely dried quicker and straighter than usual, and I found it easier to straighten and style. 

My hair a day after I used the products

However… I’d say that was more or less it. My hair has stayed smelling of roses since I washed it yesterday, which is nice, and it feels a tiny bit sleeker, and stronger but other than that I haven’t noticed a major difference. I’m definitely going to keep using it, partly because I’m hoping that using it over time will help, and partly also because due to lockdown etc. my hair is full of split ends anyway, but I’m not sure I’d go back to it.

It was definitely nicer than “drugstore hair care”, but for its price range and the fact that I have so much hair I’m not sure its feasible for students to use all the time. I would still recommend it (especially if your hair is thinner than mine), but stress that you have to take it with a pinch of salt, and it probably won’t be the hair care product of your dreams.