A Heavenly Evening

Vision's editors were invited by Heavenly Desserts to taste some of the delicatable sweet treats that they have on offer.

Heavenly Desserts, that place opposite McDonald’s! You’ve probably passed it a lot, you may have even been in? Well, following Vision 284 being published on campus last week we were lucky enough to be invited in to try some of their desserts.

It’s worth prefacing this experience with the fact that we were all exhausted. I, for one, was in a bit of a sleepy daze going into the restaurant, but let me tell you that as soon as some sugar hit my lips, I was awake again.

We were welcomed by a lovely server who showed us to our table. The restaurant was the definition of ‘Instagrammable’. It had a pink flower wall and lots of intricate gold decorations. They certainly went for making a statement. It truly did feel like entering Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

We were looked after very well, having been greeted immediately at the door, before being given some fantastic (and accurate) recomendations.

The choice of drinks alone was overwhelming. They offer just about anything you could wish for. Hot drinks, cold drinks, milky drinks, and full on alcoholic delights! And that’s before you turn to the enormous selection of desserts. Now, if you don’t have a sweet tooth, this probably isn’t the place for you. From the array of milkshakes to the signature dishes, they are all packed full of sweetness and richness. Be prepared to leave thinking there’s no way you can have another sweet treat for days.

For me, however, it was worth it. And I can assure you, it wasn’t long before I had another sweet treat! I was lucky enough to try the Ferraro Rocher cookie dough, which was absolutely delicious – I’m feeling hungry just thinking about it. It was the perfect way to celebrate our wonderful print (if you haven’t already make sure you pick up a copy!).

The cookie dough was delightful. Image: Laura Rowe

Kaitlyn and Emily made some great choices too, with Kaitlyn taste testing the recommended Signature Monkey Bread, while Emily delighted in the Lotus Biscoff cookie dough (I mean, come on, what is not to like?!). And yes, they were just ‘Heavenly’. The Monkey Bread in particular was a wonderful balance of fruity apple, rich nuts and light french toast vibes, decorated with glorious swirls of caramel. (“I still miss it now!”, Kaitlyn shares).

As well as a dessert, we were lucky enough to all pick a drink. Emily went for the non-alcoholic mojito which was delightful, very refreshing compared to the rich dessert. Kaitlyn explored a creamy mangoed flavoured smoothie (she can’t remember the name!) – sweet, smooth and delicious. Laura tried the Cherry Blossom & Lychee Seltzer which had some delicious boba!

The drinks were out of this world. Image: Laura Rowe

It’s worth noting, however, the prices. This is certainly something that you treat yourself to, it’s not an everyday snack. Each dessert is around the £10 mark, with the drinks around £5. Of course, Heavenly is running a fabulous student deal (again, check Vision 284 for more details), which does make it considerably more affordable for any eager student.

So if you want to head out for a brilliant breakfast, luxurious lunch or dazzling dessert-for-dinner, Heavenly Desserts is jam-packed with every dessert and sweet drink imaginable, ready to welcome you for every special ocassion.