Review: Is The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Range Worth the Money?

Is it worth investing in your skin? 4 stars.

Vision were lucky enough to recently attend the grand re-opening of The Body Shop in Coppergate on the 20th May.

The store has been redone to prioritise sustainability with a larger refill section and (almost) all recyclable packaging. It certainly looks very good!

Whilst we were there, Vision were gifted some of the Vitamin E range to test and review for you.

What is Vitamin E?

So before we begin, what actually is the Vitamin E range and what’s it meant to do? These were the questions that we had. After all, there are so many skincare products on our shelves at the moment it’s hard to distinguish what works and what doesn’t. It is certainly a saturated market to break into.

Image Credit: Laura Rowe

According to The Body Shop, vitamin E helps to maintain and protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier. The focus is on hydration and glowy skin. It certainly sounds promising, but how well does it work?

Vision was given a face wash, toner and moisturiser: the basics needed for a skincare routine.

The first thing to note with all the products is the lovely scent. It has a light floral smell but definitely isn’t over-powering. I still had my concerns, however, as scented face washes, toners and moisturisers often break me out. I can report that I have not (yet!) experienced this from using these products. Always a good start!

Vitamin E Gentle Face Wash

Image Credit: Laura Rowe

At £10 for 125ml the face wash is on the more pricey side, so I was very intrigued to see what the hype was about. I like to rub a small amount onto my damp skin which seems to work very well. It’s gentle, creamy formula is designed for all skin types. It’s gentleness works well for my sensitive skin, but if you struggle with breakouts and acne, it probably won’t help to clear it. Of course, The Body Shop has plenty of other options!

It is marketed as helping to hydrate skin and it certainly does this! It does not leave your skin feeling stripped of any oils or dry like other washes can do. If you don’t have any particular skin concerns it’s certainly a great product to use!

Vitamin E Moisturising Toner

Image Credit: Emily Sinclair

A toner is a product that I can’t say I’d ever really committed to using in my skincare routine. To be honest, it’s one of those steps that seems a bit like an extra hassle in the morning! However, I’ve got to say I was very impressed. Taking a tiny bit on a flannel, or if I’m being lazy on my fingers, you gently rub the product over your skin after washing it.

Vitamin E is known to protect and moisturise the skin and I’ve got to say its moisturising qualities are certainly noticeable. It leaves you feeling refreshed and moisturised for the whole day. I can’t fault it!

The retail price for this product is £10.00 for a 250 ml bottle. Now, that is quite expensive, especially for a product that I still view as a luxury rather than an essential. However, it lasts a while due to how little you have to use each time.

Vitamin E Moisture Day Cream

Image Credit: Laura Rowe

The whole vitamin E range was started with this moisturiser! I was, of course, expecting big things. And it did not disappoint.

Like the rest of the range, it is enriched with vitamin E and up-cylced raspberry seed oil (no wonder it all smells so good!). Alongisde this, what sets it appart from the other products is the hyaluronic acid which is infused in it. Anyone into skincare will know that this is a god send for hydration.

I found this product unsurprisingly left my skin very hydrated and the formula was not sticky at all, thank god! This might be my favourite product as it leaves your skin smelling wonderful and super moisturised. This quality does, however, come with a price tag. At £18 for 50ml this is certainly the most expensive product I’ve ever tried. But it is also the most luxurious.

But is it really worth the money?

If its glowy skin you’re after, the vitamin E range is for you! Whilst it doesn’t tackle any problems the gentle and hydrating products will work for nearly all skintypes (including my very sensitive skin!).

There’s no mistaking that with the price these products carry they are an investment. If you can’t afford these products there are many other cleansers which will also work wonders. I have to admit though I have really enjoyed these products and if you fancy treating yourself to a little luxury, this is definintely the range for you!