Lissie Mackintosh- The IT GIRL of 2024

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On this International Women’s Day, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about one of my greatest inspirations in the journalism world – Elisabella (Lissie) Mackintosh. 

From a viral TikTok video to the F1 paddock, Lissie Mackintosh is one of the biggest names in media right now for all the right reasons.

Not only has she emerged as one of the few women to step foot in the significantly male-dominated industry, but she has also gained over half a million followers across her platforms in just a few years. 

Posting her first TikTok in 2021, Lissie’s videos discuss race analysis, team news, and rumours. She also makes fun content showing the behind-the-scenes life of an F1 presenter and ‘Get ready with me for race day’ videos in hopes of humanising the sport.

Before she knew it she had gained an increasing amount of popularity, quickly becoming an overnight sensation. And just a year later she was invited to the Aston Martin car launch – the biggest moment in her career (as of then). 

When I see articles about Lissie, typically written by men, there tends to be a focus on her ‘beauty’ rather than her work. Don’t get me wrong she’s gorgeous – but there is so much more to such an influential woman than looks. 

Of course, the more attention Lissie got the more hate that came with it. However, she seems to have handled all the negative comments by making clear how it only fuels her to do what she loves more. 

At just 24 years old, she has quickly become one of the rising stars in broadcasting. In addition to being a content creator and presenter, she is also an advocate for the representation of women in sports. 

Lissie’s incredible portfolio does not just end with Formula 1 but also includes working with NFL UK, Sky Sports, Formula E, Miami Dolphins and so much more.

Making her debut in 2022, Lissie has solidified her role as the ‘queen of the paddock’ with her chart-reaching podcast Going Purple. Through this platform, she offers an accessible and light-hearted perspective on various aspects of Formula 1, particularly resonating with her Gen Z audience.

In 2023, Lissie was revealed as the face of the highly anticipated Reiss x McLaren partnership alongside F1 McLaren drivers Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri and regularly collaborates with some of the biggest global brands in motorsport and fashion.

Combining the fashion and sports worlds allows her to connect with a wide range of audiences, even those who wouldn’t typically be interested in racing. 

“We need more women who are relatable and being shown…The roles aren’t just male roles. We all need to be aware of the fact that representation in F1 isn’t quite where it needs to be at the moment,” (Lissie to SkySports)

One of the main reasons there are fewer women in F1—aside from obvious barriers—is the lack of female role models. The sport has become so male-dominated that women don’t even consider it as a possible career path. 

Growing up, I never saw many women, particularly in motorsports, succeed. This has made me realise more than ever why we need people like Lissie to show these young girls that their dreams aren’t just dreams and can, in fact, one day become realities.

Her work focuses greatly on promoting diversity, and she openly speaks about the important roles women play in F1- “There are so many incredible women within F1, the sport would not run without women”. (SkySports)

She’s truly an inspiration to many, especially girls, who one day hope to make it in the motorsport world. Not only to the aspiring journalists and presenters but also to a new generation of female drivers and engineers. 

Lissie Mackintosh has undoubtedly made huge changes to the representation of women in motorsports, continually acting as the big sister to anyone who has ever had their knowledge doubted or told they don’t belong somewhere. 

I, for one, can’t wait to see what she does next. 

One thought on “Lissie Mackintosh- The IT GIRL of 2024

  1. Good read, you highlighted some very good points. However, if you wanted to talk about making a difference for females in motorsport, I’d have chosen Suzie Wolff. She was the last women to drive an F1 car in an active F1 session and is now running F1 academy. Also there are a fair few mechanics and engineers that have made headway.

    The reason I say this is because if I had a daughter I’d be suggesting them to follow them as their role models in life rather than someone on social media who I believe have used their sexuality to help get where she is now.

    That being said, Issie has made a great career for her self and made her dream happen. Good for her. But perhaps there are more inspirational women out there in motorsport for young women to follow.

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