York’s Cat Cafe: Plans revived


Plans for a new cafe where customers can stroke cats while they eat could be revived.

A crowdfunding campaign set up on October 21 hopes to raise £100,000 for the venture, but so far is yet to attract a single backer.

Backers of the project are promised rewards as a thank you.

The new cat cafe, which would be called ‘The Scratching Post’, would see the furry creatures roaming through dining areas.

A previous fundraising campaign for the cafe managed to drum up less than £500 of the £25,000 needed.

Alanna Richards, an astrophysics student at the University, has become the new driving force behind the project.

She said: “The Scratching Post York Cat Café is the brainchild of the lovely Nikki Poppins who very sadly passed away earlier this year when the café was in it’s fundraising stage, and so she was never able to see her vision become a reality.

“I am endeavouring to set the Cat Café up, just the way Nikki and I had planned it to be, in order to fulfill what she’d set out to do and for her to leave behind a little Yorkshire legacy for cats and people alike, whom she very dearly loved.”

2 thoughts on “York’s Cat Cafe: Plans revived

  1. Cats are not there for entertainment in cafes. It is a daft idea and should not be encouraged. If you want to leave a legacy for cats, give to one of the charities.

  2. I guess it’s an interesting idea, but I don’t think that you’re going to be able to convince us students who are eating instant noodles to save money to donate to your fund. Maybe you should try looking for some other way to get set up :)

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