Tastes of the World

Indonesian Cuisine

As soon as I walked in there, the mass of aromas and friendly staff had me instantly transported back to my favourite Balinese Warung. Whether you’ve tried Indonesian food before or not, I thoroughly recommend giving Krakatoa a visit.
The Nasi Goreng (traditional fried rice) was on a par with some of the best I’d had throughout my travels, whilst the Sate Ayam (Chicken Sate) was even better! If you have a sweet tooth, then the Bubur Ketan Hitam (sweet black rice pudding with coconut milk) is not to be missed as the perfect end to a delicious feast; washed down, of course, with a refreshing Bintang beer – the availability of which was perhaps my favourite thing about
the restaurant!
Incredible food, guaranteed to give you a taste of home/paradise, at a very reasonable price. The only thing that could have made it a more authentic experience would have been Geckos climbing the walls!


Italian Cuisine

The food is undeniably very good, though a little bit expensive; I dare say I had one of the best pizzas in there and I always go back when my family visits! The staff are very friendly (unless you’re going during the weekend, in which case everything’s going to be loud and chaotic). It’s a chain of restaurants, so as for authenticity I’ll give it a 6.


Pakistani/Indian Cuisine

The food here is good, and will certainly quench the craving. The peshwari naan is one of the best I’ve ever had, but be warned, it’s huge so unless you’re really, really hungry, it’s best to share.

The mushroom and potato pori is fantastic, but the other starters are very average. The chicken tikka makhani was wonderful, but the vegetarian makhani was very disappointing.
The service was good, and the price very reasonable. Overall, it was a very standard, good restaurant experience.


Korean Cuisine

Oshibi is an adorable, yet odd restaurant, seemingly located in the reception space of an office. They have classic Korean dishes, the ones most associated with Korean cuisine, and they are tasty, but not of the same sort as you would find in Korea. The kimchi was fresh and well spiced, the bibimbap was nice but it was lacking flavour slightly, however there is a good selection of Korean drinks available.

Oshibi Korean Bistro

By Liza Parker