President Candidate dismisses alcohol price cut concern

Credit: Jack Western (The YUSU President candidates)
Credit: Jack Western
(The YUSU President candidates)

YUSU President Candidate Fred Isaac has dismissed concerns over welfare on his cutting drinks prices policy.

Speaking at the Glasshouse at the Heslington East hustings, he said students could buy cheaper alcohol than the YUSU Bars from on-campus stores.

The third-year chemistry student pledged during the YUSU Election debate on Monday to slash alcohol prices on campus bars if he wins the election.

He said he hoped the move would encourage more students to use the on-campus bars.

But the policy was criticised by his presidential contenders and audience members who said it could raise welfare problems and that it was not affordable.

The Alcuin College undergraduate insisted that it was better to have students in a “controlled environment” drinking rather than sitting doing it in their halls.

He added that his manifesto outlined how he would pay for the proposal.

The hustings at the Glasshouse was the second in a week of campaigning as student voters prepare to go to the polls during Week 8 to decide their YUSU team for 2014.

The results will be announced on Friday 28 February.

You can view the candidates and the positions by clicking here.