Energise and indulge with some good self lovin’

We witness the return of the luxury of Christmas this year as the tightened belt of the economic crisis has, finally (some whisper) begun to loosen. For us students, we can only make the most of the luxuries of home comforts to return to York in January feeling wonderful, a little bit spoilt and ready to hit the new term hard.


Clementine Cocktails
Clementine Cocktails
  • Get some zing and opt for clementine juice for a twist on your jus d’orange. Sweeter than the standard stuff, and you can even add it to your preferred poison for a makeshift cocktail (add to some of the sparkling stuff, or create some winter cheer with gin, vodka and a splash of lime juice).
  • Do some revision or work on that essay when you can – you can award your very virtuous self some brownie points afterwards.
  • Sacrifice a lie-in and drag your loved ones out to wander the great December outdoors. It’s looking beautiful at this crisp and frosty time of year.
  • Don’t let budgeting take the fun out of Christmas shopping.  Make homemade crackers on the cheap and source your own terrible jokes (I like to specifically target relatives with silly hats), organise Secret Santa for large groups of friends or workmates and dress up unassuming presents with mad wrapping using whatever materials you can beg, borrow or steal.
  • If all else fails, remember the advice of Elf’s Buddy – ‘the best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear’.
Homemade Crackers


Ultimate Eggnog
Ultimate Eggnog
  • Go overboard and be the world’s best party guest; our Lifestyle Editor Helena often turns up at parties in December with saucepans full of frothy Bailey’s eggnog, ignoring all threats of imminent salmonella…
  • Take a break from shopping and add some gingerbread or toffee nut syrup to your coffee in the style of Starbucks red cups
  • Find the nearest safe place for a real log fire (or make friends with someone with a woodburner), curl up beside it and refuse to move until you have toasted multiple amounts of sausages, crumpets and marshmallows to your heart’s content.
  • Pippa Middleton is always guaranteed to offer the most wonderful and often hilarious tips for hosting and celebrating. Amongst her tips for Christmastime, I have a lot of appreciation for suggestions such as adding edible glitter to popcorn (perfect for those Boxing Day movie sessions). She also commented in a recent article for the Telegraph that there is something “sweet and snug” about the Bakewell tart at this time of year. Check out her book Celebrate for more and the controversial @Pippatips Twitter account parodying her advice for merrymaking. Guidelines for decadence at their best!
Marshmallows - Roasting on an Open Fire
Marshmallows – Roasting on an Open Fire
Royal Inspiration: Pippa Middleton
Royal Inspiration: Pippa Middleton