Embrace the Big Mac!



Lovin’it? Apparently most people don’t. McDonald’s is the largest fast food restaurant chain in the world and should be given a gold medal for making the front page quite a few times, not for the quality of the food, but for their very definition of it. Well, whoever believes that dining at McDonald’s is contemptible is about to be proved the wrong.

McDonald’s has been barraged over time with accusations of serving its costumers anything but meat. Forget the burger, the nuggets and the ribs. Rumours say that their specialty is pink slime, human meat and yoga mats. The company has recently opened the doors of its factories in an attempt to disprove all the malicious accusations. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee whether the burger you are holding is 100% meat. They say it is, and they’ll keep saying it until every last customer’s arteries have been blocked. But even if what they call beef is the yoga mat you threw away a month ago, one should bear in mind that McDonald’s serves fast food and on this criterion it should be judged. At least they are honest and before you enter the gates of this temple you already know that what it seems maybe is not what it really is.

McDonald’s may have yet to acquire five Michelin stars or show up on the top list of Trip Advisor, but it remains the indisputable guru of fast food. It is there to overwhelm your feeling of gluttony, the one that pushes you to devour every inch of anything edible. Price is not what makes McDonald’s exceptional, although its £1 burgers must have been your saviour when your balance was soaring in the low 10s. What makes McDonald’s a worthwhile dinner destination? Even if you are a vegetarian, there are still many options. There are options for every taste.

McDonald’s is also accountable for the obesity of millions of Americans. Of course, if you live on any kind of fast food, you will take up the risk of becoming obese or ending up in a hospital with a pacemaker and despaired doctors. It is the same with confectionary. Worship them every day and you will get diabetes.

Last but not least, McDonald’s can be a cultural experience. Try dining at McDonald’s in different countries. The menu is adapted to the local food culture. You will never have the chance to taste the cheesy Pizzarotto or the Tzatziki McWrap if you don’t visit the McDonald’s in Italy and Hungary.

If you are still holding your ground, just give it a shot. I bet that you will indulge into the many temptations. If you are one of those people that are anything but positive, try the Happy Meal. Maybe the toy in your box will melt your icy heart and draw a smile in your face.

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