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CatASTROphe: £1,000 Space Duck ‘lost over North Yorkshire Moors’

£1,000 duck sent into space ‘lost over North Yorkshire Moors’

Students demand campus club is called “Asbestos”

Students are demanding that the potential campus nightclub is called “Asbestos.” The petition calls on the University to “ensure that […]

Dozens gather for Egyptian human rights abuses protest

Dozens of students and staff at the university gathered on Wednesday to protest against the detention of human rights activists in […]

Bin Up To No Good: Student dressed in bin bag runs riot around campus

Security involved in late-night wild goose chase leads to student finishing night before it’s begun.

Nightclub on Campus: Senior university official backs plan

Plans for a nightclub on campus get senior approval

Revolution Premier League Title Race Recap

Tobi Sanbe reflects on this term’s Premier Division title race

Bye Bye Wentworth: Postgrads Relegated

Vanbrugh 1s 4 – 1 Wentworth 1s Joe Lund               Ben Keane Andriy Tabas […]

James settle for second place

Jonny Long reports as James fall short

Decisive Derwent secure league title

Guy Giles reports as Derwent bring home the silverware

As It Happened: Revolution Premier League Final Day 23/11/14

Live coverage of the final day of this term’s Revolution Premier League

BLINDED BY THE LIGHTS: Do Tragedy and Scandal Follow the Children of Hollywood?

  Alexandra Aja’s recent dark fantasy thriller Horns has brought the world’s attention to Daniel Radcliffe, an actor who has had […]

STYCS & Freshers – The perfect match

Freshers are thrust into a new world, sometimes reluctantly, perhaps through clearing, and are forced to make new bonds that […]

Stop studying, start reading

Pleasure [in reading] is a profound and potent form of attention, a kind of slow thinking.” says Cottrell Boyce, winner […]

The Klute dispute – Why Europe’s worst club is the best

“There are some things money can’t buy; for everything else, there’s Willow” I have a theory, and not a very […]

The Case For Intoxicants

Ahad discusses the pros as well as the cons of intoxicants.

Lecture Hopping (and Flopping)

Features Editor and local idler Costas Mourselas, drops into four lectures.

Apocalypse Now?

Philip Adams reveals the untold story that makes Ebola look like a tremor before the earthquake.

Booze Up…State

Drinking Devotee Dan Hodd, recounts his drinking experiences in the USA

My Experience with a Psychic

Helena Horton tells us about about her experience in a séance show.

A Day at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival

The ASFF, hosted by Aesthetica Magazine, is very much a celebration of independent film and takes place throughout some of […]

What is in your pizza?

Pizza: one of the most popular and well-loved meals in the world. It’s said that the first pizzas were made […]

Column: Ed Greenwood

Ed Greenwood explains why Movember is not good enough.

Tom Davies 28/10/2014

Tom Davies’ column returns, and he’s written most of it with a crushing hangover

COLUMN – Ed Greenwood

Ed Greenwood tells you why you are all stupid

COLUMN: Ed Greenwood

Ed Greenwood pontificates about life, death and denial