Is ‘WILD’ the way to go?

Are sustainable natural products worth it?

(Image: WILD Press Office )

ABOUT A YEAR ago, my friend insisted that I try WILD deodorant, the “sustainable natural deodorant that works!”

Now, it’s safe to say that when she sent me the link with the attached text “hey Em you should give it a go, oh and also if I refer a friend I get money off!” I absolutely thought this was just going to be one of those Instagram fads. Anyhow I helped her out, gave it a go and nearly two years later I’m hooked.

As a brand, WILD markets itself on being a product for life. As a company that is aware of how many plastic bathroom products get thrown away every year, WILD is on a mission to change the throw-away culture of our bathroom routine. 

It’s simple really, and works like this. You pick a reusable plastic deodorant applicator. They come in a range of funky colours and designs so you can personalise it to suit you. After this you pick from seven natural and great smelling scents that come through your door as cardboard refills for your applicator. 

  The brand works as a subscription service which initially put me off. 

Often when having to subscribe to something it seems daunting and I was sceptical about how cost effective it would be. 

However, you pay £15 every 8-14 weeks depending on how often you would like refills sent out. The refills come in packs of 3 and as a rough guideline last you for around a month. 

When broken down, for me this actually works out cheaper than the regular spray deodorant bottles I was buying. Oh, and it’s way more sustainable- win win!

I know up until this point I’ve probably come across like I work for WILD or something but I promise I don’t. (Although WILD if you did want to give me a brand deal please get in contact!)

Cost wise and sustainability wise there is nothing not to love. But, how have I found my experience of actually using the product? 

My current subscription scents for anyone wondering what I smell like, are Jasmine &  Mandarin Blossom, Orange & Neroli, and Mint & Aloe Vera. 

Overall I have found that the scents are fresh, strong and last me a long time. The texture of the deodorant is like a paste. It feels nice to apply and isn’t sticky. My only criticism would be that sometimes the deodorant can leave white marks on my clothes if I rush to get dressed too quickly! 

All in all though, my experience of WILD has been great and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to slightly change up their morning routine all in the name of becoming more sustainable. 

The latest venture for WILD is their coconut and vanilla shampoo bar, something that of course I’m trying. 

So far so good, but you’ll just have to let me know if anyone actually wants a sequel to this article. Maybe ‘Emily Reviews’ should become a feature of SCENE? After all, I’ve got to create my legacy somehow!