Roses Opening Ceremony Revealed

Lancaster have announced their Opening Ceremony plans for Roses 2022.

Netball will once again take centre stage in the opening ceremony of Roses, as York aim to repeat their upset of Lancaster from the 2019 competition.

The match, on April 29, will kick off the first full Roses tournament in three years, as York aim to win their first away Roses since 2008.

York Sport Union President Franki Riley told York Vision: “I was surprised, because it was done in 2019, and we beat them last time, but I know Lanacaster are keen to settle the score, which will not happen.

“I’m so excited to see Roses come back to life, and the opening ceremony is such a big part of that.

“York is absolutely going to win, If there’s ever a year to do it, it’s this year. I’ve never been more confident in an away win.

“We’re currently around eight places ahead of them in BUCS, and I just have a very positive feeling, so many of our clubs have come back swinging, and, even though we’ve not had a proper Roses for two years, I can just feel the hunger from all of the clubs to go and get the job done.

“It will be even more important than ever to get as many people over to Lancaster to support as possible, because having the crowd behind you is so crucial in going for that win. We want to take Lancaster down, and prove, once and for all, that Roses are White!

More details are set to be announced on other sporting events as part of Roses 2022, which will run from April 29 – May 1.

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  1. I remember it all so well, organising all the coaches going over to Lancaster and staying in Cartmel College, 20 odd years ago!!
    Good luck to the Yorkies, I was there the year there was only 1 point in it, to York!

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