Biggest (Lancaster) Win Ever

Roses are red for 2022 as Lancaster score 241 to York's 102

(Image: Kaitlyn Beattie-Zarb)

Lancaster officially won the tournament on Saturday night when they reached the total of 172 points needed to win.

However, it has not been a total defeat for York. In the build-up events, York won women’s senior four rowing at 1.5-0, women’s senior eight 1.5-0, and men’s firsts cricket. Victoriously, York women’s novice rowing team found success, winning 0.5-0 against Lancaster, and York equestrian seconds won 135-140.5 against Lancaster.

On Friday, York won lacrosse women’s seconds 17-2, hockey mixed development 8-0, cricket’s men’s 2nd, cricket women’s firsts, netball college league B winners, and cricket men’s thirds.

Saturday saw success for York in 20 sports, including badminton men’s firsts, volleyball men’s, futsal men’s, sailing open second, and hockey men’s third. A particular highlight was men’s basketball firsts in which York won 68-63 against Lancaster.

On Sunday, the final day of sports, the first event that York won was climbing, bouldering, women’s team, scoring 248-204. Other notable wins include badminton mixed, scoring 8-1, and archery novice female scoring 1-0.

Sunday’s biggest game was the women’s and men’s rugby, with York, unfortunately, losing both. The men’s rugby score finalised at 30 – 24 to Lancaster with the women’s rugby ending in a close 12 – 10 to Lancaster.

The closing ceremony saw the Lancaster Men’s Rugby team given a trophy alongside the Lancaster Women’s Rugby team, with Lancaster fans celebrating their victory at the end of the weekend of sporting.

Roses ended with a score of 241 to Lancaster and 102 to York, giving Lancaster a winning margin of 139, the biggest Roses win in history. York still has more Roses tournament wins overall, with Lancaster now winning 27 games compared to York’s 28.

However, Roses will be held in York next year, giving York a home advantage, meaning that roses may be white once again.