How Social Lockdown Will Affect the Gastronomy

Five months ago, Stonegate welcomed York’s latest cafe. 

Correction: York’s latest Insta-worthy venue.

But with new restrictions on social gathering due to the novel Coronavirus, business has had to take a break.

Despite Rishi Sunak’s £350bn financial package, including grants for retailers and pubs, York businesses still have some concerns.

Plush Cafe & Boutique are a new business. To them, “The help the government is offering is incredible and extremely appreciated. The only problem is that there will still be another few weeks before we can get access to the grants and employee wage assistance. As a small, new company it’ll be a struggle to keep our heads above water until then.”

Jaydene from Plush Cafe also pointed out how “We’ve only been open for 5 months so are still growing our customer base. We now have to try engage with our customers and potential customers from a distance in the hope that they’ll remember us when everything returns to normal!”

When asked how locals could help support them, Jaydene suggested:

“The main thing that customers/people in York can do to help support us during the lock-down is like, share, and interact with our social media posts, tell their friends about us & post reviews of the experiences they’ve had! We have an online shop at where we are still selling our home, kitchenware and gifts.”

“We’d definitely encourage everyone to shop local, whether it’s with us, or the other fantastic independent businesses in York.”

By a stroke of luck, I visited Plush Cafe before social distancing rules began to be implemented. So I’ve written a review of the eating experience there…

I pancake my eyes off of you

Plush Cafe, A Review

With three themed dining rooms, candy-store colour coordination, and symmetrical alignment everywhere, I dare any student to eat here and not take a photo.

Great for vegetarians and good for vegans, Plush’s food is for those strictly adhering to the diet of Aestheticism. From unicorn toast to flowering teas, most items on the menu arrive with edible flowers for garnish. Safe to say, your inner child will not be disappointed.

Admittedly, Plush Boutique isn’t ideal for skint students. However, the lunch spot is affordable so long as you aren’t tempted by a second course or characterful gift on the way out. Space out your spending sprees one at a time!

Pricey but Nicey

You’ve no doubt been bombarded with photos of the Garden Room’s swinging seat set-up by other students, so I’ll spare you. Pictured here are Plush’s other two rooms: the Moroccan-style Bohemian Room and what could only be described as Love Island: Before-the-Sun, the (very dark, very cool) Neon Room.

Put Your Feet Up
Fun Fact: Flamingos are pink because of the food they eat

Overall, Plush is definitely worth checking out. The food is yummy, it’s okay for money, not so sunny, but great for a break from the studies.