Missing Persons: Sabbatical Officers

Brooke Davies

Being away from University during lockdown was a panic

The spreading of updates and new information must have been a challenge for both YUSU and the University. 

However, having been back for quite some time now, it seems the communication from our sabbs has been somewhat minimal. 

Yes, they share each other’s news on their SU Facebook accounts, but is this enough? 

Coronavirus measures bring forth a new challenge for them. They will not be able to do their briefly written speeches to the incoming Freshers in a packed Central Hall, which was the only reason I had the faintest idea who they were in my first year. 

Yes, we can appreciate they do a lot behind the scenes, but the fact that students are unable to name them (I tested my flatmates) is not good enough. 

The communications of the elected sabbatical team need to be bigger and better, beyond emails no one is persuaded to open, and Facebook posts that are pumped with emojis and image descriptions.