Generational Blame Game: Other Generations Have to Stop Putting All the Blame on Generation Z

Jasmine Moody


With the risk of a second peak and the government limiting social gatherings to six, many people have started to play the blame game.

And who have they blamed? Generation Z of course! Who else is responsible for this? Us ‘snowflakes’ according to many… Look, our generation isn’t completely blameless. A number of young people have been involved in large gatherings, parties and even illegal corona raves.

However, there is a limit to how much you can blame us. People from other age groups have been just as bad, if not even worse. Yet, there seems to be an emphasis on young people being the issue:

“Don’t kill your gran by catching coronavirus and passing it on”

Matt Handcock
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Schools have started to re-open. Students of all ages are now travelling much more and preparing to settle into their students rooms and houses. This is essential for students but you know what isn’t essential? Anti-mask protests and conspiracies that COVID-19 has anything to do with 5G. Thousands of these protesters congregated (without social distancing or masks, of course) multiple times since March. When looking at images of these protests, you know which age group makes up the majority? Look for yourself. (Hint: it’s not the younger generation!)

With the new academic year starting, there will be more risks and there may be more of our generation catching and spreading COVID-19. The best thing to do is to just adhere to the rules and be cautious. Wear your mask and sanitise your hands. Just be sensible (unlike the people in the photo)

I find it funny how some say we are snowflakes, yet the same people have fits over wearing a mask. Even with all the scientific evidence, some are just too selfish to adhere to wearing one. Masks protect those around you – stop being selfish. Of course, there’s medical exceptions to not wear a mask. However, that should give all those who can wear one even more incentive to do so. Protect others.

All generations have to work together. Blaming one another isn’t the most effective way of coping with the current situation. No one generation should be the scapegoat – all generations have been good and bad. What we should concentrate on is being logical and keeping yourself and others around you safe.