York Council’s Plea for Students to “Take Personal Responsibility”

The Council ask students to “take personal responsibility”, “keep people safe”, and “reduce the risk of death” .

(Image: Iwan Stone)

A plea for students at the University of York to “take personal responsibility”, “keep people safe”, and “reduce the risk of death” has been issued to York Vision from the Director of Public Health at York City Council, Sharon Stoltz, as our first term gets underway. 

They said: “There has been considerable effort by people across the city to contain the spread of the virus and we’d like to encourage you to help keep yourselves and the other people in your local community safe by taking personal responsibility. Whist COVID-19 is a virus that is more impactful on those who have underlying health conditions and who are older, your part in helping to keep those people and yourselves safe is expected.” 

While they say this in itself is “fairly simple”, if you do need to get tested, which can be difficult to get at the University site, you need access to a car to reach the next nearest testing site in Poppleton. 

Students therefore will have to rely on home testing kits, which can be posted at request. 

“We realise that we are asking you to make some changes to how you live and socialise and want to thank you in advance for doing what you can to keep people safe and to reduce the risk of death from Covid-19. Even when out in pubs or clubs, you still need to maintain social distance from those you don’t live with.”