York Confirmed as Possible “Government Hub”

The Guardian reported that plans to set up a ‘government hub’ in York have been confirmed by Boris Johnson, with the city perhaps even becoming home to the Commons or Lords during the restoration of Westminster Palace. 

Despite looking at other buildings in London, the Prime Minister has stated it would make sense to consider the historic northern city as a temporary parliamentary building while this building work is completed, in light of plans to move some areas of government and civil servants into York. 

Johnson wrote to the parliamentary officials in charge of the relocation that “the review should also consider a possible location outside London. The government is considering establishing a government hub in York, and it would therefore make sense to consider this as a possible location.”

The Prime Minister also mentioned that “heritage benefits” should be considered alongside costs and functionality.

This comes as the Government attempts to establish a base outside of the capital and create more roots within the North of England. In January, the government declared it was considering moving the House of Lords to York.

It is currently not known if there are any specific locations within the City of York that the government have their eyes on. Richmond House and the QEII Conference Centre, both in London, have both reportedly been considered as temporary chambers.

The restoration of the parliamentary estate, which is expected to cost £6bn, has been a point of contention across the years due to its high costs, despite its crumbling condition and the significant fire risk it poses.  

This move, however, has not been met without criticism. The ancient Roman city is already prosperous, with property prices that are higher than the national average.

It is not yet clear if other cities in the north of England have been considered.

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