WATCH: Britain First Van Spotted In York

A van from the controversial right-wing group was seen on the streets of York on Wednesday, drawing criticism from residents.

(Image: Brooke Davies)

A vehicle advertising Britain First, a controversial right-wing political organisation, has been seen driving around the streets of York.

The van, playing loud bagpipe music and adorned with a Britain First banner reading “Britain First Putting British People First” was seen driving around York on Wednesday.

It is unclear what the purpose of the group’s visit was; however, its presence drew criticism on social media.

York Councillor and 2019 University of York graduate Darryl Smalley said: “Britain First are not welcome in our city. Please kindly piss off and take your hatred elsewhere”.

One resident said they hoped “these vile racists are shown the quickest way out of York – not welcome here”, while another said: “I was horrified to see them on Micklegate earlier. Absolutely not welcome here”.

The van spotted driving around York on Wednesday 14th July.

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