‘URY’ Creates Remote Broadcasting System

Coronavirus and lockdown measures have failed to stop one of Campus’ biggest student media groups, University Radio York, as their remote system will keep listeners hooked.  

Being one of the few student groups that can continue to attract listeners from across the country, University Radio York (URY) have committed themselves to providing consistent entertainment to students despite the Coronavirus pandemic. 

‘We can provide a welcome sense of normality and levity for our members as well as the potential to entertain students with content geared towards them,’ says Ben Allen, Station Manager of URY. ‘Because we realised this early on, we were able to make continuing broadcasting a priority’  

From this, they worked hard to create a broadcasting system as quickly and efficiently as possible, and five weeks later, they were met with success. 

In short it is a ‘system that lets anyone in URY make radio with nothing more than a laptop and a web browser, no broadcast equipment or anything’, explains Marks Polakovs, Head of Computing. 

He continues, ‘it uses some features built into most modern web browsers to load in music from our library, mix in the microphone, and send it all off to our servers back in York, where it gets broadcast on air and across the internet’ 

Clearly, an impressive accomplishment. So it comes to no surprise that the URY teams have been recognised through multiple nominations for the ‘I Love Student Radio Awards’, including the Computing Team, Engineering Team, and News and Sport Team. 

‘Hopefully the strength of our nominations stands us in good stead when the results come out’, Ben states, ‘I’m so proud of all of our members and everything they’ve achieved and now we’re back on air, we’ll be doing all we can to keep pushing high quality content’. 

To give them a listen, visit the URY website where you will be able to listen Online.

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  1. Philippa S. Allen
    17 May 2020 - 12:40 BST

    thanks for the info and for doing the article too!

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