University Commits to Offering Undergrad Places with Successful Appeals

Hopeful students who successfully appeal their A-Level results can expect a place at York next year.

The University’s website states that it has “committed to offer[ing] a place if an appeal results in meeting the original offer” for A-Level students holding a conditional undergraduate offer.

The University admits that they are not yet certain about how long the appeals process will take, or what it will even look like. It is expected that the government will release details next week.

However, the website states that any student who chooses to sit exams in the Autumn will have to apply for entry for 2021/22, as it is a requirement that that conditions for an offer are met in the same academic year in which they applied.

The University has stated that they require “validated mock results” before they can firm a place at York. They have asked students who plan on appealing their grades to contact them about this.

This news may come as a relief for prospective students at York, after both Oxford and Cambridge announced that students who successfully appeal their grades this year will only be admitted for 2021/22 entry.

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