Uni of York Issues Coronavirus Warnings

Posters have been placed in the University of York’s library today warning students who have travelled from Wuhan, China to stay away from the general public.

The posters, from Public Health England, have been spotted in the Harry Fairhurst and JB Morrell buildings. They advise that anyone who has been to Wuhan within the last two weeks should stay indoors and avoid any contact with other people in order to stop the spread of a new strain of coronavirus.

Even without the typical symptoms of having a runny nose, sore throat, fever, difficulty breathing, and regular coughing, the University and Public Health England advise that contact with other people should be avoided.

The warnings come only a few hours after the news that two patients in the UK have been confirmed to have the new strain of coronavirus. The two patients, according to the BBC, were staying in a hotel in Yorkshire, and have now been transferred to a specialist centre in Newcastle.

If you, or anyone you know at the University has either travelled to Wuhan within the last two weeks, contact the NHS on 111, and contact the University via phone (01904324140) or email ([email protected]) for advice.

Image Credits: Perkin Amalaraj and Madeleine Jenkins