Uni of York Backs Free Sanitary Products Trial

The trial will run throughout this term after campaigning from student group Free the Flow.

(Image: Iwan Stone)

After campaigning and proposals from student group Free the Flow, the University of York has announced it will be trialling a new programme to provide free student sanitary products on campus this term.

The trial will run throughout the term with dispensing machines in the Library, Spring Lane Building, and Ron Cooke Hub, with plans to expand this more widely in the future if there is sufficient demand.

The products that are being provided through the scheme will be sustainable and in degradable packaging.

While sanitary products had previously been available on an ad hoc basis through colleges and YUSU, this is the first central University scheme of its kind in York.

YUSU President Patrick O’Donnell said: “I’m delighted that the University of York is tackling period poverty by agreeing to support a trial of providing free sanitary products to students during the spring term.”

“Students all over the country face numerous financial barriers, but nobody should ever have their studies affected by having a period.”

“I’m very grateful to the student-led Free the Flow campaign for all their work and for making the case to the University to provide free sanitary products to students. Their research has shown that in 2020, one in ten York students were unable to afford menstrual health products, indicating the importance of this initiative.”

University of York Academic Registrar Dr Wayne Campbell said: “The University of York is committed to tackling period poverty and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with YUSU, the Free the Flow campaign, and our student groups to support an organised trial to provide free sanitary products to York students throughout the spring term.”

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