Turnout drop as college chairs elected

All colleges see drop in turnout as college chairs elected for 2020

The chairpeople for York’s college committees have been elected for 2020. York’s college elections saw a considerable drop in turnout with 27% fewer students voting than last year.

This drop comes despite a presumed increase in student numbers this year. The drop should be of alarm to YUSU and all those involved in the college system, especially given the record turnout in YUSU FTO elections in February.

The college with the biggest drop in turnout compared to last year is Derwent, which saw its votes drop by nearly half, whereas some colleges such as Vanbrugh recorded only a small drop in voter turnout. No colleges saw their turnout increase. The highest turnout was from Langwith.

With the previous three Union Presidents being having previously been college chairs, college elections are a good barometer for future runs at the Students’ Union’s top job.

The chairs will take office in Spring Term and one of the first issues on the agenda will be the controversial college sport fee which is currently being piloted by James, Vanbrugh and Alcuin colleges. Several members of college sport teams have criticised the policy and it will likely be an issue which continues to stoke conversation on campus for months to come.

Your 2020 college committee chairs are:

  • Goodricke: Stephen Stanley
  • Derwent: Dylan Wallis
  • Constantine: George McCormick
  • Langwith: James Harrison
  • James: Sophie Schultze
  • Vanbrugh: Vero Iron-ova
  • Halifax: Henry Wright
  • Alcuin: Olivia Furness

Featured Image by University of York