The Forest Will Remain Open until the End of the Year

The decision was announced via email.

(Image: YUSU)

The Forest has secured funding from the University to continue running until the Summer of 2021.

The outdoor venue was introduced at the beginning of the academic year as a place for students to socialise in a COVID secure way.

The venue has provided more than 120 jobs for students, which includes bar staff and security jobs.

One student-staff member who works at the Forest told York Vision: “I’m really happy to hear that The Forest will stay open for the rest of the year. I was a bit worried that we’d just be sent out to pasture, but this has put my mind at ease.”

In an interview with URY, Vice Chancellor Charlie Jeffrey said that he hoped to expand The Forest.

“It was really successful, as far as I can see. It was booked out all the way through to lockdown, and indeed a couple of weeks after that”, he told Beth Hardisty on Newshour.

Students can expect the venue to be heated from January 2021.

The Vice Chancellor said: “We are looking to get heaters for when it reopens”.