Student Petition Calls on Sabbs to Save D-Bar

The petition has amassed over 300 signatures with the open letter having been sent to all five sabbs.

(Image: Jack Davies)

A petition and open letter calling for YUSU to keep D-Bar open has been started and widely circulated by University students.

The petition notes that D-Bar has now been taken off the list of venues on the YUSU website, stating “It has come to our attention that YUSU plans to close D-Bar without first consulting students.”

YUSU took over the running of D-Bar in September 2018 from the University.

The bar has been closed since the first lockdown in March 2020 alongside V-Bar and Courtyard.

Since the petition’s creation yesterday it has amassed over 300 signatures.

The open letter has since been sent to all five YUSU sabbatical officers.

Derwent College’s instagram has posted in support, linking the petition in their bio.

An admin of the ‘Save D-Bar’ group commented to Vision:

“This is an important issue affecting Derwent students.

“It is wrong YUSU tried to do this secretly without consulting students.

“I have faith future students will value D-Bar.”

A spokesperson for YUSU has been contacted for comment.