Racy Butler Services Appeal for “Guys with Buff Bodies” in York as they Face Threat of “National Shortage”

Hot butler summer comes to York!

(Image: Butlers with Bums)

Have you been working out through lockdown, and are now desperate to show off your efforts? Or maybe you’ve always envisioned yourself at your dream job wearing nothing but an apron, collar cuffs, and a bow tie?

If so, your luck might be in! The hen-do favourite “Butlers with Bums” are amongst a series of naked butler services looking for muscular 23-38 year-olds to strip off and serve drinks, or even afternoon tea, in York.

“Buff Body Butlers” advertised similar positions paying up to £50 per hour in the Facebook group “York Hospitality Exchange” on May 1st, gaining 116 comments and 7 reactions.

The appeal comes as Butlers with Bums describe “a national shortage” of naked butlers, appealing to “guys with buff bodies to keep hen party celebrators from disappointment”.

Typical talents of their butlers (as advertised on their website) include a cheeky smile, hosting party games, pouring champagne, and posing for photos, with attendees having the choice to pair their experience with cocktail masterclasses or life drawing.

The company stress that the Butlers are not strippers, do not reveal their “intimate parts”, and do not perform dance routines, while reviews of their events describe the entertainment as “unforgettable”, with attendees having “a whale of a time”. 

“Hunky” employees reportedly include ex-Love Island contestants.

Director of “Butlers with Bums” and former Butler, Dan Harley, commented that “the shortage of guys throughout the UK is becoming a big problem for us”, and the company “urgently” needs gym enthusiasts and fitness lovers to get in touch.