No Complaints Here

Zero complaints were made to the University about both the naming of 'Anne Lister College' and the new Pride crossing.

(Image: Iwan Stone)

A Freedom of Information Request has revealed that zero complaints were made to the University regarding both the new pride flag crossing, and the decision to name the new college ‘Anne Lister’.

This finding comes after online backlash over the crossing, with one Twitter user, @LeaveHQ commenting “don’t [you] dare complain of funding problems this year”.

According to the University website, the crossing was completed as a symbol to York’s inclusivity.

In regards to the naming of the new college, ‘Anne Lister’ was put forward, as she has been described as the first modern lesbian.

YUSU’s LGBTQ+ Officers Matt and Dan, told Vision: “We’re so pleased to hear there have been no complaints made towards the new college and the crossing! When we first heard about both of these being brought to York, we were thrilled (we had advocated for ‘Anne Lister College’!) and we’re so glad that they’ve been positively received by the rest of the community”.