New Storage Space on Campus

YUSU’s student officers have announced that the former Unity Health building will be turned into a new storage space for all student groups.

Student Union officers Ollie Martin, Maddi Cannell and Samara Jones announced the news on social media.

The facility is set to open within the next few weeks. The officers also added that this was a ‘temporary arrangement’ as the site is part of the University’s development plans.

However, they are continuing to work with the University’s Estates team to make permanent storage available in the long-term.

The change will be welcomed by most societies. Secretary for Softball and Baseball Society, Sian Brooks, commented what a relief it would be not to keep muddy equipment in society members’ rooms.

Some equipment is “heavy and also awkward”, such as their pitching machine. Previously, there was no room in the gym for it to be kept and had to be carried by members onto campus every training session.

There were no other apparent bids to use the space differently.

Photo Credit: Ollie Martin