Most Teaching to Move Online

In an email to students today, the Vice Chancellor has confirmed that the majority of teaching will move online, following York’s rise to Tier 2 status.

The Vice Chancellor has confirmed that the majority of teaching will move online following York’s rise to Tier 2 status, in an email to students today,

From Monday 2 November, the University will officially be of DfE (Department of Education) Tier 2 status, meaning students’ face-to-face learning will decrease, with the exception of practical learning, such as performance and laboratory work. 

In his email to students, Vice Chancellor Charlie Jeffery admitted that most students “have a preference for a blend of online and face-to-face teaching,” which the University has so far implemented, but this is now being put under review. 

However, the specifics of the amount of face-to-face learning that students will receive is on a departmental basis. 

Students will also be subject to a “transition” teaching week from 26 October to 30 October, which will allow for departments to adjust to the new measures, including changes to timetables and the reconfiguration of classroom space. 

Furthermore, physical distancing inside the classroom will be increased from 1 metre to 2.

In regards to events outside of academics, the Vice Chancellor confirmed that: “sporting and social activities will continue, within the health and safety requirements of the Government’s Level 2 restrictions”. 

Bookable study spaces will be increased, with Spring Lane Building and the Piazza Building being added to the current number of available areas.

Any further changes will be subject to York’s national COVID-19 risk Level. 

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