House of Lords Temporary Move to York Rejected by Parliament Repairs Body

The Repairs Body for Westminster Palace has rejected the move which has been touted by ministers in recent months

(Image: Iwan Stone)

The Prime Minister’s proposal to move the House of Lords to York temporarily while renovation is undertaken at Westminster Palace has been rejected, according to the BBC. 

The repairs body has now confirmed that York will no longer be considered as a temporary chamber for peers. 

The historic city was originally proposed by the Prime Minister in light of plans to move some areas of government and civil servants to York, establishing a northern “government hub”. 

Johnson previously wrote to the parliamentary officials in charge of the relocation that: “The review should also consider a possible location outside of London.

“The government is considering establishing a government hub in York, and it would therefore make sense to consider this as a possible location. 

“There is no indication that the repairs body rejection of York has impacted the proposal of the “government hub.

The location of the temporary move is ultimately up to MPs and peers to decide, but the government will continue to encourage a move outside of London.

Leading peers have criticised the plan to move to York, due to the separation of the two chambers being “impractical”. 

However, Keith Aspen, Liberal Democrat leader of City of York Council, has been in support of the plan due to the move bringing real economic benefits to the city and region.

The restoration of Parliament is expected to cost £6bn.

Critics have condemned the high costs for the renovation, despite the estate’s crumbling condition and the fire risk it poses. 

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