Library Partner with “Long Boi” in Campaign to Dampen Spread of COVID-19.

"Long Boi" won Best Campus Mascot of the Year in 2020

(Image: @longboiyork via Instagram)

The University of York Library are utilising the “Best Campus Mascot of the Year 2020” as a means to promote the use of face masks within the compound.

The university library have taken it upon them to use the duck we all know and love “Long Boi” in their advertising campaign to ensure students optimise each-others safety around campus.

The university library twitter account projected Long Boi’s views on the matter:

“It’s me, Long Boi. I need you to wear your face-covering. The University has introduced new stricter rules on face coverings. We need you to keep yours on at all times, or we’ll have to ask you to leave. So please help us keep everyone as safe as possible”.

Along with the campaign the university looked to reinforce the rules within the library as eating at all is no longer permitted, as is drinking unless face protection is partly maintained whilst doing so.

For student who wish to eat in-between studying sessions, the Vanbrugh dining hall is now open.

Alongside our adored duck stands “Bjorn, the Alcuin Cat” who advised students to “be like him and keep face coverings on at all times”.

A dynamic duo I’m sure we can all agree.