Don’t Judge a Uni by its Cover

(Image: Kathryn Sharpe)

The University of York ranked 2nd for students choosing their university based on their course, despite ranking 13th of 29, five places below Leeds, with students choosing based on reputation. 

Students are also seen to enjoy their course far more than comparable universities, ranking second in the NatWest survey for students enjoying their course. 

56% of those surveyed ranked their enjoyment as 8, 9 or 10, 12% above the national average and 18% above Leeds. 

This is reflected in the perceived treatment of students by the University during the COVID- 19 Pandemic. 

While only one in four students surveyed felt supported by the university, with less than one third rating their communication “favourable”, 71% said that they were offered some form of mental health support. 

The University of York subscribed to Togetherall, formerly Big White Wall, in April, which offers free online mental health support to students. 

While it is unknown how many students have utilised this service, Stella Elgood Field, a third year Geography student, commented that: “these figures project at least a greater knowledge of University support systems, and how to access these. Whether they have been accessed or not, it shows that the University has been there for us, and done their best to help us through the unimaginable situations we’ve all had to encounter during this pandemic.”