2.4K Animals Experimented On

Numbers continue to fall from previous years, as university spokespeople stress that animal is research is only conducted when there is "no alternative".

(Image: Iwan Stone)

Over 2,400 animals were experimented upon for medical research in the Faculty of Life Science last year.

This included over 2000 mice, 300 fish, 134 frogs, and four rats.

These figures represent a fall on previous years, with 2,972 animals being used in 2019 and 3,724 being used in 2018.

All experiments conducted were classified as “mild or moderate”; a moderate procedure may involve the animal experiencing prolonged suffering at a mild level or short-term moderate pain, suffering, or distress.

Pierreck Roger, YUSU’s Environment and Ethics Officer, commented: “animal use in research is unfortunately necessary because no suitable alternatives currently exist. However, departments should do everything, and I believe they are, to limit this to the absolute minimum”.

A University spokesperson noted that “research carried out on animals is conducted humanely, and only when there is no alternative”.

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