100% Furlough Pay Secured for Student Staff

The University of York Student Union secured furlough payment for staff for 80% of pay, 100% after their own subsidy.

The University of York Student Union has successfully secured furlough payment for its student staff over the impending lockdown for 80% of pay, becoming 100% after their own subsidy.

The 150+ strong student staff team will receive the full amount of their normal monthly earnings (to a maximum of £2,500), with an optional flexible furlough meaning that students can still work some hours, to account for a plan to set up a takeaway service of YUSUBars food and drink menus to on-campus students.

The University of York Student Union (YUSU) are “really optimistic” that they are in a “good position for our venue offering in terms two and three”.

One member of the student staff team told York Vision that: “It’s great that YUSU are giving us the flexibility to either work or be furloughed during the second national lockdown.

“It means that people who can’t work during lockdown still have a fallback, and people who want to work during lockdown can still make money. YUSU have done right by their staff, and I hope they continue to do so.”

In an email to student staff, YUSU President, Patrick O’Donnell, thanked them, saying that: “It is down to you all that the last few weeks have run so smoothly and we have been able to put on a fantastic Welcome 2020 for our new and returning students.”

Patrick O’Donnell has also called for the University top reopen their Student Hardship Fund, and “secure additional funds to add to that as a matter of priority”. 

He says that he hopes this will “provide vital support to all of our student community”.

Patrick O’Donnell has further told Vision that: “I am pleased that we are able to support our hard working student staff members at this time. Our teams have worked tirelessly over the last few weeks, and it is absolutely right that we are able to support them in the coming period.

Looking ahead to the future, I remain really optimistic that we can continue a really successful outdoor offering next term – this remains firmly at the top of my agenda and it is our student staff and YUSU full time staff members that we have to thank for all our successes to date.

I recognise the intense financial pressures on all of our students, so I have asked the University to reopen the student hardship fund at the earliest opportunity and to try to secure additional funds to add to that as a matter of priority. I hope this will provide vital support to all of our student community.”

Probationary periods will be put on pause and continued after the period of furlough, and those who have already booked holidays will have to take these as planned.

Staff who can work from home have been encouraged to take home equipment and supplies to facilitate this.