Life at Uni a year after being that gap-yah gal

Okay, so now we’ve well and truly put 2019 behind us (everything apart from the Gavin and Stacey cliffhanger), and we’ve dived head-first into the Spring term, I thought I’d allow you all to join me on a little reflection of my time at Uni so far, and how I’m fighting my travel bug, so we may fight ours together.

In my last post, I nattered on about my gap yah, but since that’s all behind us now, how’s it all going?  Well, I can tell you I’m undoubtedly still feeling what is known as Sehnsucht in German; the feeling of wanting to be back seeing the world. I won’t lie- yes I am that girl with the oversized tapestry from India on the wall, pictures of my adventures around the room, and random pieces of art I picked up to adorn spare surfaces. And while I can’t say that this stops me wanting to be back teaching my delightful class of 40 angelic Zambian children, it does make my room feel just that little bit more familiar. (Don’t worry, I know you’re just the same). Who knows. If I pay enough attention in my Economics module, soon I might just have enough money to go back. Chance would be a fine thing.

I bet you’re glad to have waved goodbye to the assessment period (…for now.); I for one am thrilled! But, if you do find yourself rattling about stuck for something to sink your teeth into, the societies and socials are, more than anything, a reason to simply start connecting with people. I’ve found them great for making new friends who are not the same people you make your tea with each morning, noon, and night. (NB: I’m sure they’re lovely but there’s no harm in casting the net a little wider- is there?

I had a cracking time last term, but I suppose I didn’t quite step outside my comfort zone as much as I wanted myself to (I mean skydiving society didn’t look that daunting…). If the societies aren’t your cup of tea, check out events nearby on Facebook or Eventbrite. There’s often some hidden wonderlands of fun that would otherwise escape your gaze like a rave or a gong bath (mental, I know). So, with that in mind, I’m going to challenge myself (and you- yes you), and aim to really do something different for the remainder of this term. I quite like the look of salsa.

Image by Imogen Webbe

So, while I have to admit I am, of course, day-dreaming, about getting on another plane this summer, I am somewhat more pressingly concerned about Lecture Capture and having my notes ready for seminar discussions. My final word to all you gap-takers, is don’t be anxious about being the ‘older’ one in your group. Believe me, whether you’ve taken one, two, or five gap years, you won’t be an outsider simply because you think you’ve got more grey hairs than your counterparts. Be proud of your adventure- whatever you’ve done- and get out there and enjoy your time at uni. You’ve earned it.