LGBTQ+ History Month 2021

The fight towards equality is a long and hard one, although, the dedication towards LGBTQ+ throughout February has been a great start.

Recently, the University of York unveiled an “All-inclusive crossing point on campus” which includes the colours of the pride progress flag. They have also dedicated their latest college to the famous LGBTQ+ diarist Anne Lister, which will be located on Campus East.

However, their dedication towards raising awareness towards the LGBTQ+ community doesn’t stop there. This year the University is providing a wide range of events (virtually of course) to stand with LGBTQ+ members in their fight towards equality.

Queue Survivor’s ‘Eye of the Tiger’ whilst I present to you the wide range of activities York has planned. Surely one has to take your fancy.


4th February from 1-2pm, The Log Books:

The Log Books is a podcast exploring the UK’s LGBTQ+ history through handwritten archives of Switchboard. Switchboard is a confidential listening service for LGBTQ+ communities.

Tash Walker and Adam Zmith will be exploring some of their favourite stories of people who called into Switchboard. So, if you are finding yourself busy with university work, but still want to contribute towards history month, then simply putting on a podcast is the best solution for you!

This talk will also include a Q&A to provide you with the opportunity to ask absolutely anything. Literally, anything.

16th February, 4:30pm: Anne Lister’s Queer and Natural History

The woman, the myth, the legend that I previously referred to at the beginning of this piece.

This extraordinary woman famously quoted: “when we leave nature, we leave our only steady guide, and, from that moment, become inconsistent with ourselves”, as a kind of queer motto. Empowering, no?

This lecture will provide an in-depth description about Anne Lister (it’ll be up there with the BBC production Gentlemen Jack) and explain more about the queer history during her time.

If you do decide to attend this, I strongly advise that you listen to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ through one earphone because the combination of Lister’s empowering words with Survivor’s beat is POWERFUL.

23rd February, 3-4:30pm: Any Other Business

A film screening of the classic 1964 story of a lesbian cisgender media officer named Natasha. She is the LGBTQ+ employee network voice. Throughout the film, Natasha faces fundamental questions about issues surrounding inclusion, and where the network is heading (I know the suspense must be killing you).

YUSU, in collaboration with various societies, are also holding a variety of different events to stand alongside those in the LGBTQ+ Community. Some of the societies include: FemSoc, the Working-Class Network, and the Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) movement.

Topics will range from LGBTQ+ mental health, sexual violence awareness, sexual health, and queer in lockdown. Here are such some of what they have instore:

12th February:

Feminism and the LGBTQ+ community with FemSoc.

15TH February:

Pride viewing with the Working-Class Network.

19th February:

Johnathan Blake: HIV/AIDS and the LGSM Movement.

22nd February:

A Slam poetry evening.

Whilst holding events, YUSU also have things planned to be posted all over social media. So, during your study breaks or late-night phone scrolling sessions, your phone will be filled with the pride of the LGBTQ+ community.