”I’m Worried My Partner will Leave Me as soon as Lockdown Lifts”

"I'm worried my partner will leave me as soon as lockdown lifts and things get back to normal."

Dear Aunty Vi,

I’m worried my partner will leave me as soon as lockdown lifts and things get back to normal.

Me and my partner started dating a couple of months before lockdown started. We’ve had some ups and downs but almost a year on, we’re doing really well.

But, I’m really anxious that when things finally do go back to normal, they’ll leave me for someone else. I’m more of a jealous person than they are because I’ve never been interested in other people while we’ve been together, but they have.

How do I stop worrying about something in the future without scaring them away with talks about commitment? Thanks!


Dear Reader,

Thank you for your concern.

First things first, I’m a realist (literally), but second things second, I want to ask whether you guys decided to lock down together? If the answer is yes, then I really don’t think we have much to worry about, as your partner has actively chosen to spend 24/7 in your company with no other agenda.

However, if you haven’t locked down together, then it shows your partner’s patience. Lockdown has been the cause for a lot of negativity these past few months, including giving cowards the ability to break up with somebody… the “easy” way out.

As for the being interested in other people, I’d say you have to trust in their loyalty. Appreciating somebody’s beauty is one thing, but if your partner is constantly telling you they’re interested in other people, then I’d say you shouldn’t have to put up with their negative vibes.

All in all, this comes down to you listening to your heart (or gut depending on what’s usually right). If you say that things between you and your partner are really good, then a conversation about commitment won’t scare them away. However, if this chat does unfortunately freak them out, then I’m here to tell you that you deserve better than that.

2021 doesn’t seem to be looking like the wildest year, so focus on making yourself happy (as cheesy as that sounds).

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