How Valentine’s Day WILL Help Your Lonely Heart

Valentine's Day makes people feel lonely and COVID certainly won't help. However, it's more than possible to use the 14th to lift your heavy heart.

(Image: Pexels)

Valentine’s Day will be different than usual for everyone, whether you have a significant other or not. What both parties have in common is that we are feeling very lonely. Here’s how the Valentine’s Day could surprisingly help that.

When Valentine’s Day comes around every year, if often makes those without a sweetheart feel lonely. Now, with COVID in the equation, loneliness on the 14th will sky rocket. The over-commercialisation of this day doesn’t help much either – there’s no doubt about it. For example, there are many instances of people acting like right Scrooges on Christmas because they weren’t gifted a PS5. The same thing can be applied to Valentine’s Day. Much too often, I have seen many examples of people valuing the price of their gift from their partner over the the actual meaning of Valentine’s Day: LOVE.

However, thanks to COVID, feeling lonely has become an everyday thing. Quarantine has stopped our usual social activities, such as meeting friends and family outside of the house. Valentine’s Day won’t magically change that, I’m afraid.

Yet, it is very possible for Valentine’s Day to become a less lonely time – it can be the perfect excuse for that much needed self-love. Quarantine has been hard on the vast majority of us, so use this day to help you, your mental health, and your self-worth.

For those without a Valentine, take the 14th as a day for yourself. It would be a fantastic time to take a break from the dreariness of everyday life in lockdown. I know Zoom will never be as good as being friends in person but it is a great tool for helping combat the Valentine’s blues.

This is how we can make the commercialisation of Valentines Day a helpful tool. There’s often a focus on showing someone you love them – mould that into showing that you love yourself. This could be in the form of buying yourself some fancy chocolates, cracking open some cheap wine in the bathtub or even just carrying out a hobby you love.

Of course, self-love should be an everyday thing (it’s harder for some than others) but Valentine’s can offer a few extras like the ones mentioned before to make this day amazing.

Even if you have a partner (who you are in a long distance relationship with due to COVID), you can still give yourself the same amount of love you would give your partner. Many people in relationships will be engaging in Zoom Valentine’s Day dates, but we would all rather be with our partners in person of course. This feeling is why it’s extremely important (even more-so than a typical Valentine’s Day) to take time to appreciate yourself.

COVID has changed the usual vibe of Valentines Day but it doesn’t need to exacerbate the lonely effects of this pandemic. Take this time for some much needed me-time.