How To Be Single When Your Friends Aren’t

Back in first year, it wasn’t just the degree that didn’t count.

The endless amount of people we all had (adult) sleepovers with, were also something that we never claimed responsibility for. However, as university progresses and the degree becomes serious, apparently, so do people’s desire for real relationships.

I am currently a third-year student and when I tell you that the rates of everybody getting in and out of relationships is constantly changing, believe you and me, anything becomes possible. However, if you are currently the only single one in your friendship group and you find yourself feeling pretty down about it, then I’m here to offer you some uplifting advice (hopefully), on why you should feel like the fierce and independent student I know you are!

Studying English Literature, means that over the course of my degree I have had to work my way through a HEFTY amount of books. And from this, I’ve learnt one, particularly important lesson (although I’m not sure my professors would be impressed by this): it’s the slightly unstable, weird, and most importantly: single characters, who thrive the absolute most. Especially, Helen Fielding’s creation of the ICONIC Bridget Jones. Bridget is a 32 year-old woman, who’s shown to be incredibly successful regardless of her complicated (to say the least), love life. In fact, I think she thrives off it.

Although Bridget does have both Hugh Grant and Colin Firth lusting after her, I think she seems happier when dancing around her flat to House of Pain’s classic ‘Jump Around’, with a big glass of wine in one hand.

So, the next time you find yourself feeling a bit lonely because all of your friends have decided to spend the weekends with their other halves, I strongly advise you to treck to Nisa, buy a bottle of their cheapest wine (we are students after all), and blast one hell of a banger from your speakers.  

However, having a one-person dance party can easily uplift your spirits, but when all your friends have gone to spend time with their partners, the temptation to text the classic “you awake”, to one of your exes is always extremely high.

The famous Chandler Bing is a perfect example of this. Simply out of fear that he’s going to “die alone’’, Chandler constantly goes back to ‘’Janice Litman-Goralnik’’, despite finding her the most annoying woman on earth. Sound familiar?

Yet, after many stern talks with the other five friends, Chandler eventually leaves Janice for good. Though he still remains the same sarcastic and pessimistic character we all know and love. And, if we fast-forward seven seasons, he even ends up marrying one of his best mates. I mean, Monica and Chandler do receive the best ending.

This just goes to show, that we should NEVER change ourselves, but simply just get rid of the same dead-ended relationships because, one day somebody incredible, will love you for exactly who you are and completely change your outlook on the whole dating game.

So, even though it is completely normal to feel down about the fact that everybody may be getting into relationships or, feeling ready to date before you, it is something that we sadly can’t control. Instead, we should all just try to focus on what is going well in our lives currently and attempt to channel our inner Chandler’s and Bridget’s. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be like them?

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  1. Well said and put Emily, your written pieces are so powerful, caring and inspiring to anyone who reads them and those who feel they are the only ones who are on their own, so proud of you Emily xx

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