Five Perks of Lockdown

Scroll through these lockdown perks and read their explanations if you can be bothered. In this 2020 shitstorm, there are still silver linings. Here are some that I hope we have in common.

1. Reconnecting with old friends

O beloved Vision Reader, be proud of me, because I’ve reached out to a long-lost friend from Sixth Form. Why not go a step further and apologise for a past mistake you’ve done? Call me when you do Obi Wan – I am yet to become this mature.

2. Grayson’s Art Club

Honestly the best thing about quarantine is how we all get to do art therapy together and it’s fun and normal and we all love using clay now. “When disaster strikes, artists get to work”: so if you make fun of my primary school-ish golden hour, I will get Grayson Perry to weave your face onto a bulldog in his next angsty tapestry.

3. Book Clubs

Is it just me, or are book clubs springing out of the crevices of creaky friendship groups like dewy mushrooms? But seriously, they’re a great way to structure staying in contact and you’ll get smarter friends. Fine, I’m still joking, but we tried pub zoom calls and they weren’t the same.

4. Focus on a project

Let’s be real, if you’re reading this, your ‘project’ is probably a dissertation you’ve paid a regrettable amount for. But now that’s over, why not head to the Open University to glitz up your CV and learn a new skill? This is the 2020 job market after all and my English BA isn’t cutting it. Still, congrats on (almost) completing your final assessments!

5. Fruit-picking

Roll up those Soviet-style sleeves and help the national effort – your summer holiday is cancelled but you can still share accommodation with your mates and get paid to do it. The government has called for a dig for victory effort and, by god, we shall not let you down Chris Whitty.

And finally – Surprise! It’s a trick, we have a soppy sixth reason in store:

6. Other People

No, we aren’t all in this together. Many have struggled and been struck with misfortune, while those with more privilege have laughed at them behind closed castle doors. But so many countless people have also been tear-jerkingly kind and brave during this time. There has been tremendous tragedy for some, and it will be memorialised. But it would also be a disservice to not let the inspiration of others uplift us. As lock-down lifts, we need to begin looking for solutions and system-fixes that provides equity and justice. But since no single person has the answer, let’s continue to look at the positives we’ve already created as a collective.