“I Want to Tell My Best Friend I like Her, but She’s Been Seeing Somebody Else for Years”.

''Alexa, play 'More Than Friends' by James Hype and Kelli-Leigh''.

”Dear Aunty Vi,

I want to tell my best friend I like her, but she’s been seeing somebody else for years.

What should I do??


Dear Reader,

Thank you for your submission.

As much as I would love to tell you to declare your feelings towards your best friend and you’ll live happily ever after, I’m afraid those kinds of happy endings are reserved for just Monica and Chandler.

Firstly, I’d like to address the fact that after years, your friend is just seeing this other person…surly they’d be official by know? But, you should also consider their feelings, as much as this is about you and your friend. And if after years, your best friend is still interested in this person, it’s sort of clear she likes them a lot.

Imagine you were getting serious with somebody, and people got in the way?

Secondly, as this person is your best friend, I am guessing you could potentially share a house together, and flatcest is ALWAYS off the cards.

Although, even if you do live with this girl and things actually work in your favour, what if later down the line things go wrong and you end up ruining your friendship? I’m sure bumping into each other in the kitchen would be the least of your worries, because you wouldn’t have your best friend to confide in anymore.

Overall, this is all about sacrifice.

Are you able to trust that if you were to tell her how you feel, and that she sadly didn’t feel the same way, things wouldn’t be awkward. And, if you did decide to create a series of flashcards, like Mark from Love Actually and things go better for you than they did with him, could you cope if one day you had to act like strangers?

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