Zena’s Uni-ssentials: Earplugs, a sewing kit and a hip flask


Your sleeping pattern will change drastically at university and you will find yourself sleeping at awkward times when the rest of the world is awake. A decent pair of earplugs will ensure that you get a good day’s sleep when you’re hungover, regardless of the noises made by the waking world. Even if you’re not the going out type, you will need earplugs to be able to sleep through the sound of your flatmates coming in from a night out.




A Sewing Kit

Sewing really isn’t difficult at all and you will probably find yourself needing to mend the odd item of clothing every now and then. You’ll only need a couple of needles, a bit of thread and some buttons for patching up clothes if they get damaged. Sewing materials will also be great for DIY fancy dress in freshers and for themed socials!





A Hip Flask

Taking your own alcohol into clubs may be morally questionable, but hip flasks are a great and discrete way to save money on drinks and avoid spending most of your nights out queuing for the bar. Plus they make it so much easier to carry your alcohol to parties or pre drinks in other colleges- no one wants to lug a full bottle of vodka all the way across campus. It will keep your drink cool and fit right into your pocket or bag. And it will be put to great use at the end of year college festivals!