YUSU urges students to vote in EU elections

YUSU officers are urging students to sign up to vote in the EU elections this month.

YUSU are also hosting an EU debate on the 6th May to inspire people to vote, including representatives from Labour, the Conservatives, the Lib Dems, the Green Party and UKIP. This is free, and open to all. Questions for the candidates can be tweeted to @yorkunisu.

Taylor commented; “In any case it’s important that people utilise their vote to try to steer politics in a direction that better represents them – but with young people this is almost more important as we’re really lagging behind in terms of how many of us are registered, and how many of us vote.

“With the voting system being as it is for EU elections, there’s every chance that even a half-mobilised student turnout could have a serious impact on who gets a seat as an MEP!

“Last time around in this region, there was just 1.3% between the BNP candidate getting elected and the Green Party candidate missing out – which shows how much some decent organising could swing it.

“Hopefully extremists of that type won’t get anywhere near Brussels this time around.”

You can register to vote at www.aboutmyvote.co.uk or use the YUSU facilities available on campus.