YUSU mocked for typo gaffe in employability section

YUSU Typos

Two unforgivable spelling mistakes were spotted in the first YUSU weekly email of the year.

The email encouraged students to attend an event to help prepare them for “the big wide world of employment.”

The rushed message advertised the careers advice event ‘YorHired: Life after Univeristy’.

It is assumed but not certain that only one of the spelling mistakes in the title were unintentional.

University alumni took to Twitter after the email was leaked to voice their scorn at YUSU and University careers services.

Tom Witherow, tweeted: “Oh dear, the career support at York continues to be woeful then.”

The event promises, among other things, to aid students in CV writing, an activity heavily associated with spelling and grammatical perfection.

Tweeting, Helena Horton, another alumnus and also former editor of York Vision, pointed out: “Neither of the most recent YUSU presidents are in graduate jobs.”

From the looks of things it’s odds on YUSU will score a hattrick.

Jack Gevertz, another York Vision alumnus, said: “YUSU need to issue a statement on this…Unacceptable.”

Gevertz’s wish for a statement was granted when YUSU President Ben Leatham said: “Haha! Everyone makes spelling mistakes on occasion, even the mighty York Vision.”

5 thoughts on “YUSU mocked for typo gaffe in employability section

  1. Strange that Helena would make this comment as she seems to have struggled to hold down a job at any of the newspapers she worked at for any great length of time.

  2. Has no one realised this is blatant play on words… at least two of the people quoted have left York and potentially need to get a life? Vision has really gone down hill which is an achievement in its self.

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