YUSU Elections: Polls have CLOSED

Voting for the 2016 YUSU Elections have now closed. Results will be announced tomorrow night at 8:30pm in the Roger Kirk Centre. The cardboard will come down. The incessant Facebook posting will subside.

Voting was supposed to end at 5pm today, but was extended until 6pm due to issues with the website servers that occurred in the last hour of voting.

Over 5,000 students voted and pints will be 50p cheaper in YUSU bars due to a promotion where 10p was knocked off for every 1,000 students that voted.

While you wait for the new YUSU student officers to be announced, here are some stats to tide you over from this year's election race:

  • Less than 30% of students voted.
  • 5097 votes where cast this year, slightly more than the 5065 cast last year.
  • Halifax edged out Vanbrugh by three votes to claim the title of the College who cast the most overall votes.
  • However, Vanbrugh had the highest collegiate voter turnout at 44%.
  • In contrast, only 5% of Wentworth College students voted.
  • The sabbatical role of Academic Officer attracted the most votes 3597, as a hard campaign was fought by Tamaki Laycock and the incumbent Academic Officer Thomas Ron.
  • 3532 votes were cast for the Union President position, which was the second most voted for position.
  • History students cast 506 votes, the most of any department, with the second highest departmental voter turnout of 52.5%.

York Vision will be liveblogging tomorrow night's result night live from the Roger Kirk Centre at 8:30pm.

One thought on “YUSU Elections: Polls have CLOSED

  1. “The sabbatical role of Academic Officer attracted the most votes 3597, as a hard campaign was fought by Tamaki Laycock and the incumbent Academic Officer Thomas Ron.”

    I know we’ve all forgotten she exists but I thought at least vision would remember there were actually three candidates for this role

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