Your New Revision Wardrobe


Exam season is upon us, you are already exhausted, and it is only Week Two. Like many of us at York, you are probably starting to spend more hours at the library than Salvo, you have checked out a book for the first time and are now slowly draining away your student loan on Costa coffee. Let us be honest, as the sun is shining outside and you are inside revising, things are feeling pretty dire. 

Just because your life is seemingly one endless procrastinating black hole does not mean that you have to look dismal while living it. That is why I am here to provide you with some tips and suggestions for your new revision wardrobe, practical, yet semi-on-trend, there is now no excuse for wearing pyjamas or last nights sports social costume while pulling another all-day/all-nighter.


Comfortable, baggy enough to hide your lack of ‘summer body’ and something that has been seen in all the high-street stores, Mom Jeans are your new best friends. The loose fit means that you can sit any which way in your overstuffed library desk (or if you are one of the lucky few one of the coveted blue chairs in Morrell) without feeling like your legs are being suffocated, or ending up with permanent seam marks all down your legs. Due to the usually high-waisted fit of these jeans, you can wear them with pretty much anything, from a crop top (if you are feeling like making slightly more of an effort) to your favourite college sweatshirt for extra comfort. 


Ah, a hat to hide a multitude of sins. From greasy hair and pastey skin to hiding the endless black circles under your eyes, a baseball cap can work for pretty much anyone. Due to their recent hit on the catwalks, you can even purchase these much needed accessories in a range of colours and patterns, and not just embossed with a logo from your favourite sports team. If you’re feeling extra brave, you could even chose to wear your cap backwards, still hiding your unwashed hair, but letting the whole world see misery and pain ridden filled eyes. Feeling like a dick for wearing a hat inside is a small price to pay for hiding your tears.


Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, NB, the list goes on. For when it comes to trainers, the world (bank account permitting) is your oyster. A classic for any season and any decade, a pair of trainers is the key thing you will need for this up and coming exam season. Comfortable, stylish, with plenty of choice, trainers are your new best friend. Gone are the days of heeled boots and uncomfortable suede shoes, these bad boys will see you through the intermittent summer weather and accessorise your permanent feelings of guilt at your lack of revising. Whether you are going straight from the library to the gym, carrying a mound full of books, or simply running away from your problems, there is nothing your trainers can not help you do.


What better way to pretend you are studying than wearing an appropriately themed, smart-ass t-shirt? Studying History? Wear a t-shirt featuring some dead person no one knows. Not only will it make you feel smarter, but it is sure to stimulate some questions and conversations, aiding you in your budding library romance with the girl/boy opposite. Failing an appropriately subject related t-shirt, you could just opt for the sloganed, “I’m being ironic, this is how I secretly feel on the inside, this secretly amuses me” t-shirt. There is a huge variety of them out there, and I’m sure you will find one to suit your specific desires, be it a pretentious quote or simply a jumper that says Peanut Butter on, because, you know, you really like Peanut Butter. in particular have some great sloganed items if you don’t already have one in your wardrobe.