York’s Constantine College opens on Hes East

After years of building, Constantine College, the ninth of the bunch, is finally open.

Freshers moved in on Saturday into the newest, greenest and closest college to the Sport Village for all 621 students to enjoy.  The new JCR (pictured left) is finally finished and looks fantastic and modern, providing new students with computers, chill areas and games to enjoy. Along with a great JCR, students at Constantine had the option of choosing from standard blocks, all with 3/4 beds and a 3:1 shared bathroom ratio.

The housing also includes kitchen doors which open out onto the brand new decking, or even deluxe ensuites, which are large, comfortable flats which include 42inch LCD TVs (with TV licence) in every kitchen.

An open block system with all undergraduate blocks is in place. This means from 11am-11pm students keycards will allow you access to all corridors in your block. This idea hopes to bring students together to create a college community feel and to establish Constantine like all other colleges with a proud and belonging atmosphere.

Prices range from £81.54 for an Economy Standard shared (twin) to £157.85 for a studio flat.